Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roman's first carnival ride

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a loser because all I ever write about on my blog is my sweet little angel boy, but let's face it...that's really all I have to write about. So, anyway, last week the carnival came to town for the Spring Festival. I assumed that Roman would be too young (or at least too short) to ride any of the rides, but my friend Korbi informed me that they had a few rides for really little guys. Well, actually it turns out that there was exactly one ride that Romie and Beck were big enough to go on. So, Korbi was nice enough to pay buy tickets for Roman and Beck to ride on the cars. I think it ended up being like $3.75 for each of them to ride on the cars for about 2 minutes. Anyway, they looked so cute riding in the cars. I thought Roman would be a little more excited because he LOVES cars, but it was past his bedtime and he had a glazed over look during the whole ride. Here they are waiting in line with their tickets.

Jason and Stephen watching the boys.

Look at those cute boys! They're such good buddies. Even though they occasionally try to beat up on each other, they still are great pals. We have a picture of Beck on our refrigerator and everytime Roman sees it he says, "Becky!!" By the way, I never told him to call him "Becky". He came up with that one all on his own. Sorry, Korbi and Stephen :)


Kenna said...

Romie is quite the cutie so I don't blame you for blogging about him! Don't you just love it when you take your kids to things thinking that they are going to be SO excited about it and then they could really care less! So how are you feeling these days? I can't remember when your due date is. Well I hope things are goin well...what names do you have picked out?

Danna said...

That is so cute! He just looks too little to he doing that all by himself. What a big boy. Hopefully you have pictures of my kids on your fridge too so that Romey can learn their names. :)

Megan said...

Cute kid Bethany! Of course you and your family wouldn't have any problems with laundry...I don't think Bennions have germs!!! It is my curse for throwing my clothes on the floor and having my mom pick up after me my entire life...Whirlpool is supposed to be the best brand though...oh! and thanks for the slender comment...however, now that my fat isn't puffing out my wrinkles I'm looking OLD...Crikey! I can't win!

Chico said...

Romie looks so cute in the little car. Sorry he wasn't more excited. Sounds like he's a man of my own heart giving his friends nicknames - ha! Mom