Saturday, August 14, 2010

Berlynn Ruby Jenks

We welcomed our newest addition to the Jenks home on July 31st. Our little Berlynn Ruby entered the world with an easy and quick delivery with a working epidural. (Yay!) It was about as easy as a labor and delivery could be. She weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 19.5 inches long. She's healthy and as cute as can be.
Almost everytime I tell someone her name, they ask me how I came up with it. To be honest, my good friend was telling me about one of her friends that gave her baby the middle name Berlin. I thought that was interesting because Jason served his mission in Germany and he has a great love for anything German, so that name just kinda stuck with me. I mentioned it to Jason and he really liked it. I wanted to spell it Berlynn because my mom's name is Lynn. Plus, I think it looks more feminine that way. We chose Ruby as the middle name because I think it's pretty and my grandma's name is Ruby. So, that's how we came up with her name. I like it and I think it fits her. Her older siblings love her to pieces. I was worried about how Iris would react because she's such a mama's girl, but she has been nothing but sweet to her little sister. They both want to hold her all the time and they are always saying "She's so sweet". So cute! I love my three babies! Believe it or not, this was the best picture I could get of the three of them. They don't like to cooperate for pictures...obviously. Baby B already loves her daddy. Doesn't she look like an angel?

I always think she looks like Roman when she's sleeping, but when she's awake, she has a different look to her. She has a really cute dimple on her left cheek that I have yet to capture on camera. It mostly shows when she's crying :)

My wonderful mom and my equally wonderful little sister came up and spent the week with me after I had the baby. They were such great helpers! They cleaned my house and cooked my meals and took care of the "big kids". It was so fun to have them here. I only wish they could have stayed longer :( That's my mom and Berlynn below. I just love that picture. My mom and my baby are so cute. Thanks, Mom and Cicily for all your help!