Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Wyoming Easter

It took a little persuading, but Jason finally gave in and agreed to spend Easter in Wyoming. He was concerned about missing work and the LONG drive with the kids, but when I found out that my sister Natalee (who lives in UT) would also be visiting AND that I would get to see one of my BFFs (Kenna) and a bunch of my aunts and uncles then he knew there was no way he could talk me out of it. So, we left early Tursday morning and came home on Monday. We had a fun and eventful weekend and the kids did WAY better than we expected. They were such troopers.

On Friday, we went to my grandma and grandpa Hopkin's house to decorate Easter cookies and look at the baby cows. Rome loved decorating the cookies although I think my grandma was a little concerned with the amount of sprinkles he was putting on them. Cicily and Iris on the farm.

Look at that. Sometimes I wish I lived on a farm.

On Saturday my cousin, Claire got married in the Billings temple. We drove up for the reception and it was fun to see so many of my family members. I was especially excited to see my cousin Kenna. We were roommates during our freshman year of college and we had so much fun together. The only bad part was that I felt like we didn't get to spend enough time together. I miss her :(

My sister, Natalee, has a little boy named Keric that is two months older that Iris. He is so cute and sweet. They loved each other. It's hard to believe he's only two months older though because I swear he weighs twice as much. My little Iree is very petite :)

Cicily and I did an Easter egg scavenger hunt for Cameron, Reagan, and Roman on Saturday. The kids loved it. Here they are searching in Cicily's room.

There they are with all their candies.

Of course I had to get a few shots of the family in our Easter outfits. The theme was supposed to be pink. You can't really tell though. My shirt is kind of light pink with green flowers. Roman's shirt is pink although it looks kind of white here and Iris' dress has pink polka dots. Jason didn't want to go along with the pink theme, so basically there was really no theme this year. Maybe I'll do better next year :)
Natalee, Chris, and the kids. They all looked so cute.

Here's a pic of my parents with the kids. We had such a fun trip...I only wish that it lasted a little longer. Thanks Mom and Dad for the great food, hospitality, and always entertaining conversations :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We will, we will shock you!

Some of you may already know this (I'm trying to remember if I've mentioned it on my blog before), but anyway...my brother-in-law, Brady (who's married to my sister, Danna) owns an arena football team called the Spokane Shock. Yesterday was their opening season game, so we drove up to see it and visit with Danna, Brady and their cute kids. Since Brady's the owner, they have a suite. It's so nice. I feel so bad for all the peasants that have to watch it in the bleachers, just kidding. But it is nice to have the suite because we could watch while the kids just ran around behind us. The team looks really good this year. They beat the other guys, so that's a good start. They had some pretty good touchdowns that even I could appreciate :) There were a lot of people at the game, I think the announcer said ten-thousand something? People in Spokane love their Shock and Brady's pretty much a celebrity there :) So, thanks, Danna and Brady for the fun night! Anyway, here's some pictures from the game.Iree was getting so excited when everyone else would clap. She was so cute...and a real trooper too. She usually goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00, and we didn't leave the game until 9:00. She was such a good girl.

Roman absolutely loves his cousins. We were walking in to the game and he was holding my hand. Then he decided he wanted to hold Tate's hand instead. So, he just left me and added another link the Danna's chain of kids.

That's Danna and me in our orange and blue. Go Shock!

Roman, Ella, Tate, and Milo just before the game started.

I think this was right after a touchdown. Brady looks pretty excited, but I don't think Danna noticed :)

This picture is worth a thousand words. Roman is starting to have so many of the same mannerisms as Jason. He likes to play with his hat and adjust is just like Jason. See what I mean? Two peas in a pod.