Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soakin up the sun

This weekend it was sooo hot outside! On Saturday I think the high was 98. Even though I'm 7 months pregnant and my feet and hands can really swell in the heat, I was still loving the hot weather. It just seems like it's been cold for so long and it was great to be able to play outside and get a little sun damage on my skin :) My sister-in-law, Amber invited us over to her parents' house on Saturday afternoon. They bought a big slide that sprays water from the top and then there's a little pool on the bottom. Anyway, all the kids were having so much fun playing on it. Romie was apprehensive about the slide. He only went downs twice and Jason had to guide him along both times, but he still loved being there with all his buddies and just sitting on the edge of the pool. My ever-so-cautious Roman on the right and his dare-devil cousin, Ava on the left.

He's not a real big fan of the water...he gets that from me.

Just chillin with his friends and trying to keep hydrated. The poor kid looks like he's wearing swimming pants instead of swimming shorts. That's the story of his life...if it fits his waist then it's too long and if it fits in length then it's too tight on the waist.

It was such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I hope the warm weather is here to stay. I'm so done with the cold!


sarakorbi said...

sooo cute! I am afraid that Beck and Roman will have the same problem with their shorts! Or shall I say "shants?"

Nicole said...

My parents have a slide like that too. All the grandkids love it! I love Romie's little shorts. You are such a cute mom Beff!

Kenna said...

Oh Beff I just had to laugh seeing that Roman doesn't like the water! It brought back all your swimming stories and of course the time we skipped bwuda Camwons class to go swimming! Ha Ha! Those were some good times:)

Danna said...

That looks like tons of fun! I have been thinking of getting something like that for my kids. They would love it. Romie looks cute, even in his shants. Oh, and Jason, you better have finished your fence. :)

Cierra said...

Cute! looks like a lot of fun! Hey, if you can email me your address I want to invite you to my blog because we are going private :) it's Thanks!