Thursday, November 29, 2007

Like Mother Like Son

Yesterday I decided that it was about time I try to clean my bathrooms, so I reluctantly decided to do it. It's really hard to do with Roman around though, so I put some toys out for him in the living room. I was cleaning away and enjoying my peace with I noticed that I couldn't hear him playing with the toys. So, I went to check on him and this is what I found. My sweet little Romie had found my Christmas candy dish filled with Hershey's Kisses. I was surprised by a few things. First of all, I had just barely put that dish out the night before and he didn't know there was candy in it. Secondly, how did he even know that it was candy? I never buy Hershey's kisses and I don't usually have a candy dish out either. It's like he knows that anything with a shiny wrapper is candy.

I was also impressed with how quickly he could unwrap those little things. I was trying to pick them up and he kept unwrapping more and more of them. He wasn't too happy with me though when I moved the candy dish to somewhere out of his reach. I guess he's inherited my love for chocolate and sweets.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I got tagged

I was tagged a long time ago, but I'm just barely getting around to writing down the 6 interesting things about myself. So, here it goes...
1. I'm afraid of almost all animals. I blame my mother for this trait. We never had a pet when I was growing up, so I'm not very comfortable around animals. Interestingly enough, I'm the most afraid of cats and mice (which are probably the most harmless ones of all.) I'm OK with dogs if they're small, but in general I'm just not a big fan of anything that's not a human.
2. I really like to try to be domestic. I know that being a mom and a homemaker can have it's boring moments, but all in all it's my favorite job ever. I've loved trying to master all of the aspects of homemaking. I've learned how to sew (kind least enough to sew some curtains.) I even canned applesauce, apple pie filling, and peaches this year. And I love cooking and baking. I like to challenge myself with new difficult recipes. Anyway, I'm not quite "homemaker of the year", but I'm working on it.
3. I love to shop at yard sales. This is a fairly new obsession of mine. In fact, I had never really considered it before. I was always a little squeemish about using something that used to belong to someone else. But, my friends started talking about how great it was and all they amazing deals they would find. So, this past April I went to my first yard sale and I've been addicted ever since. I've always loved a good deal, and it's so fun to hunt through a bunch of junk to find something you really want. Let me just share a few of my great finds with you. I got a cuisinart ice cream maker that had never been used for $3. I also got a food dehydrator that had never been used for $2. I got a nice luggage set for $5. I have found a countless number of cute clothes for Roman and most of them were only $1 or less. I've decided that even if I'm a bagillionaire someday, I will still got yard-saling every Saturday morning in the Summer.
4. I have a knack for impersonating people. This is something I've been doing since I was really little. I love trying to master someone else's way of talking or their accent. My old roommates can attest to the fact that I could do a pretty good impression of my old co-worker, Sara Castillo. Now I like to try to impersonate my mother-in-law's accent. Even Jason says that I'm pretty dead-on. I'm not trying to make fun of anyone. It's always done out of love.
5.I have a dimple on my left thigh. And, no it's not a cellulite dimple. I was born with this one. Of all the places to have a dimple. How come I couldn't have dimples in my cheeks? No, I get one on the top of my left thigh. It's not cute.
6. As you know by now, I have this inability to tell a story in a breif, concise manor. I will try so hard to keep it short a sweet, but I always have to give all these unnecessary details. I blame my mom for this trait too :) In fact all the girls in my family are this way. We just love details. And I appreciate it when someone else tells a story with lots of details too. But I realize that not everyone is like me (Jason). That's why we're such an interesting pair. For example, if someone asked Jason, "How did you and Bethany meet?" He'd say, "We met at college." I one the other hand would tell them all about how I had dated his roommate and how we became friends and then we dated for a few months and then blah, blah, blah. Okay, this post is getting ridiculously long.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our trip to Powell

So, I know several of you are wondering where I've been and why I haven't been blogging. And when I say several I mean more like one or two people :) Anyway, I haven't given up on blogging. It's a long story, but my father-in-law had to borrow our laptop for a week and so I didn't have a computer and then we left for Powell last Friday, and so I haven't really had a chance to work on it until today. Anyway, enough of the logistics. LIke I said, we traveled to Powell last Friday. I told Jason that since I couldn't spend Christmas with my family then we at least had to spend a week in WY for Thanksgiving. Thankfully he's a good sport and so he agreed. WE were really nervous about the long trip in the car (it's about 11 hours). Last time we traveled with Roman for an extended periods of time he was really bad. So, we planned to leave at about 2:30 pm and hoped he would take his afternoon nap. Then he usually goes to bed at about 7:00, so we planned on driving a long as we could and then we'd get a hotel. Anyway, I'm happy to say that little Romie was better than ever. The picture below shows what he looked like for most of the trip. He was awake for a few hours, bet even when he was awake he was being really good. Since he was so good we just decided on toughing it out and driving the whole way. So, we didn't get into town until 2:00am.
Roman loves playing with Cicily.  She was trying to practice the piano and he decided she could use his help.  It didn't sound very pretty with his little part, but he sure looked cute.
Roman's been getting a little braver with his attempts at walking. He'll go really fast when he's holding your hands, but as soon as you let go then he just sits down. So, my dad had this idea of putting a wooden spoon in each hand to give him a false sense of security.  He didn't really walk, but he did stand on his own for a little bit.  Just a quick disclaimer for that pic above.  I don't know why I'm smiling like that.  I guess I'm trying to show every tooth in my mouth.  I put it up though because Roman looks so cute. The picture below is of Raegan and Roman. Natalee and Chris and their kids gave Roman a cute little garbage truck as a belated birthday present. They got it for him because of the post I wrote a while ago about Roman's love for the garbage truck that comes to our house.  Anyway, Raegan and Romie loved playing with it.  It's so cute.  I can't believe how fancy the toys are these days.  

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, Romie survived his second Halloween. This year he was definitely a lot more alert than he was last time. As you can see I dressed him up like a puppy. He looked so cute crawling around. In fact, my mother-in-law came over and she kind of jumped for a second when she saw him crawling because she thought he was a real dog. Poor Romie started to get really tired of being a puppy. He really hated that hood thing. He kept trying to take it off, but he'd pull it forward instead of back and so he just kept jerking his head around. I let him keep it off for most of the night.

So, we had a little Halloween/birthday party. My sister-in-law, Amber has a Halloween birthday. We had them over and a few of our other family members and friends. It was fun. Amber just had a little boy on the 25th and I can't believe how fast she's bounced back. She's one of those lucky ones that loses her weight in like 5 days. Anyway, here's a picture of my neices with my new nephew, Everett and Roman. Roman and his BFF, Beck were just staring at eachother like, "What happened to you?" You could tell that they just didn't know what to make of eachother's "new look"

We decided to take Roman trick-or-treating for a little bit. Luckily it wasn't too cold. It was way warmer than my days of trick-or-treating in Wyoming! We just went to a few of our neighbors' houses so I could show off my cute puppy. Then I took most of the candy we got and "regifted" it to our trick-or-treaters. Anyway, we had a fun Hallowen. When I woke up this morning there were tons of pumpkins smashed on the road, but luckily my polka-dotted ones were spared :)