Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My little pickup man

I've been are really sorry excuse for a blogger lately. I have a million excuses, but I won't bore you with them. I've also had a lot of blog-worthy happenings, but I'm too overwhelmed to try to back track on all my exciting events (well....not THAT exciting. It's not like I've had my baby yet or anything.) So, anyway, I'll just tell a short little Romie story that happened this morning. First of all, just a little background on Roman's love for Jason's truck. I don't know why Roman loves Jason's truck so much, but he does. Everyday when Jason gets home from work, Roman runs to the door and gives him a hug and immediately says, "I want truck!" Then he takes Jason's hand and leads him to the front door so he can let him play in the truck. Poor Jason is such a good sport about it. He usually gets home fairly late in the evening (usually around 7) and the poor guy is just famished. I know that he just wants to sit down and eat, but he's always a good sport and lets Romie have his way. So, this little ritual has been happening for the past month or so. Roman has to sit in Jason's truck and pretend that he's driving. He also likes to play with Jason's tools (especially the tape measure.) So, anyway, this morning Roman woke up at 6:30 and Jason hadn't left for work yet. Usually Roman wakes up at 7:00 and Jason has usually just left for work. So, they don't normally get to see eachother in the morning. So, I told Jason to get Romie out of bed and the first thing I hear Roman say is, "Dad, I want truck!" So Jason was his usual good-sported self and he took Romie to the truck.
There's my little Roman strutting his way over to the truck. Let me quickly explain the shoes with the footy pjs. I never let Roman go outside without shoes on, so he knows that if he's going to go out then he has to bring me his shoes. So, he brought me his shoes and I tried to tell him that he could go out without them, but he insisted on wearing his sandals on top of the pjs. It looks pretty cool.

Roman took Jason's keys and knew exactly which one was the truck key and he even put it in the ignition. I was so surprised that he knew how to do that. Apparently Jason taught him how. Luckily he hasn't figured out how to start the ignition...yet.

My two little pickup men. This would have been a great picture if Romie had his eyes open :(

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I remember when I was pregnant with Roman and reading What to Expect When You're Expecting, and they had like a whole chapter on nesting. The author said that most people begin to clean their house and organize, etc. just before they have their baby. I was actually kind of skeptical of the whole thing. But, to my surprise, I'm definitely a nester. Before I had Roman I felt this huge need to organize my closet, organize his room, and clean my fridge. With this pregnancy I have had different nesting needs. On Saturday I decided that I really needed to wash my windows. They've been dirty for a while. To tell the truth they haven't been washed since my mom came out when Roman was born and she washed them. Yeah, it's been a while, and lately they have been really driving me nuts. So, I borrowed my mother-in-law's squeegee (I don't know how to spell that), and I washed away. I hope all my neighbors admired the 33 week pregnant girl out there washing her own windows - ha! They're probably not up to my mom's standards (there are a few streaks here and there), but they do look a lot better. I just love shiny things :)

Of course this wouldn't be a real post without a picture of my little angel boy. He has loved the flowers this spring...or as he calls them "fowers". He loves helping me water them and then he goes up to them and smells them and says "oooohhh." So, here he is smelling the "fowers".