Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer twenty-ten

We've had a really fun summer that has gone by too fast on one hand and not fast enough on the other. Yes, I'm still pregnant. Hence, the reason the summer has not gone by fast enough :) I'm actually doing really well. My due date is August 3rd, so if I was a normal woman I could be having my baby "any day now", but I'm the type that has always been induced, so if I had to guess I'll be having this babe in the August 5th range. You'll notice that there really aren't any pictures of me (except one where I'm in the back row and all you can see is my head). It's not that I've intentionally been out of the pictures, but let's face it, I'm always the one taking them and there's really no need for you to see what I look like at this state anyway :). So, just a quick recap of the past few weeks. We traveled to Wyoming at the beginning of July to spend time with my parents, my sibs, all the spouses and neices and nephews. It was quite the crew, but we had a lot of fun. I always like to take pictures of my kids in the car. This was pretty much Roman during the ENTIRE 10+ hour trip... And this was Iris...pointing her finger at me and bossing me around. Story of my life. She did watch toons for a while, but she's not quite the die-hard that Roman is.

Here's a cute picture of my neice Reagan and Iree on my mom's front porch on the 4th of July.

We did lots of fun things in WY. We went to a nature reserve (I think that's technically what it's called, but we always call it the zoo). Anyway, it has a lot of Wyoming and Montana wildlife there. The kids loved it.

Here's Roman and Milo looking at the turtles.

Jason and the kids trying to keep their eyes open as they stare into the sun. That's a big buffalo behind them.

Ella, Roman, and Tate. Roman's flexing his muscles. He's so buff.

We always have to make at least one stop to my grandparents' farm. This is my sweet grandpa Hopkin pushing Roman on the swing.

See, I told you it was quite a crew! This is everyone except my parents. (They were taking the pictures.) We were all staying under one roof, but it was lots of fun!

The kids have also been loving swimming at my in-laws' pool. Iris was terrified of the water at first, but now she LOVES it. In fact, I wish she was a little more fearful. They seriously ask if they can go swimming everyday. It's been so nice to have the pool. I love that we get all the benefits without any of the work :)

Roman will swim for a little while in the pool, but he usually spends most of his time running through this sprinkler while we swim.

Iris turned 2 on July 17. She had a fun day. It was nice that her birthday was on a Saturday. We went shopping and took her to Olive Garden because her favorite food is pasta. After a morning of shopping, the kids took a nap and we got ready for her party. I kept the party really simple this year. I used my pregnancy as an excuse to make it small with cake and ice cream only.

We invited Sean and Amber and the kids and Jason's parents and Chad. Iris wanted a princess cake. Seriously, when I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she said "A pwincess one." I made a big one for everyone that didn't look very impressive. I also found these little mini pricesses, so I made her a special one. We love our sassy little Iree and I can't believe she's really TWO! Good thing I'm having another baby because she's just not a baby anymore :( We love having her in our family. She adds so much spunk and beauty to our home. She loves anything that is pretty or beautiful and she got lots of pretty/beautiful things for her birthday.

I tried to post a video of the kids singing twinkle, twinkle. I don't know if it works or not. I've never done it before. It's super cute though. I think they have the sweetest voices, but I'm a little biased :)


Korbi said...

VIDEO=CUTEST THING EVER!!! Good to catch up Boppy. I was fearing you were gone?!?! jk. Miss Irie, oh goodness. Seriously, cutest thing ever, well, next to Miss Pais!!! :)

Korbi said...

You should post that video on Ellen's show, seriously, so cute!

Kelley Gubler said...

hopefully you have your baby a few days early at least...i'll try to pass my early-baby-delivery vibes to you!

Kenna said...

SO Cute!! Your kids look like they just fit right into the Dan Bennion family!!! They are so cute...I wish I knew them!:( I'm glad to hear you are doing well with your pregnancy...I'm usually one that has to be induced too. I can't wait to hear what you have!!! You look fabulous too! Even though you're hiding in the back I can tell you're itty bitty:)
Good luck in the weeks to come!!!!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

It was so fun to see some pictures of your kids! Hope all is well. We miss going to play group with you guys!

ShawnandHayleySandberg said...

Hi Bethany!!! I can't believe how big your kids are, and you are about to have another! Life is crazy...all of us with our own families now. I loved looking at your pics in wyoming, your family has grown so so much! Good luck with baby number 3, do you know what you are having? Glad you are doing well!!

Kimball Bennion said...

You've got some cute kids there. I loved the "up a up a world so high" part. I'm glad to see some more pics of Berlynn. Do you have a blessing date scheduled?