Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lots of Halloween Fun

We had a fun Halloween, and I took a lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure :) First of all, we had an elder's quorum party the week before halloween and we were supposed to dress up. I haven't dressed up since middle school, so I have to admit I was kind of excited about wearing a costume. I just ended up going as a witch. So, there I am in all my witchy glory. Is it just me, or does that wig make me look 50 years old. I don't like how I look with black hair, but it did make my teeth look whiter. Here's Roman and Iris with all their Jenks cousins before they went trick-0r-treating.

Iree was a flower (with a name like Iris, you just have to be a flower). Roman was a bumble bee. Neither one was too excited about it.

Here's Iris earlier in the day when she was feeling slightly happier. She and her cousin Keric wore the exact same shirt.

Trick-or-treating was kind of funny. At first Roman was all confused....

but then he got the hang of it and he started running up to the houses and saying, "I want candy." It was funny, but hopefully next year he'll use the proper,"trick or treat" greeting.

My sister-in-law, Amber has a Halloween birthday, so after trick-or-treating, we had a little family party at my house. Here she is getting ready to blow out her candles.

I decided to do some halloweenish food, so her birthday cake is supposed to look like a witch getting buried alive.

Then I made a snake sandwich (one of Paula Deen's recipes.) It was really easy and yummy.

And for our drink I made "witches brew." It was just lime sherbet and Sprite. Anyway, it was very yummy. So, we had a really fun halloween and now I have way too much candy that I need to get rid of. Anyone want some?


Danna said...

Love the witch costume! Long black hair changes your look. Ella didn't know who it was, but Tate figured it out. Iree's bow is so cute, too! The kids are too precious in their costumes. Impressive cake, now I can see what you were describing. So, my snakes last night were a big hit. Thanks for the recipe!

Natalee said...

How cute! I love the costumes, and I'm sooooo glad Iree and Keric wore the same little onsie on Halloween. They should be close little cousins like that. Too bad we live so dang far away, that would have been a cute picture. I liked the witch costume too, but I think I like ya better with Blonde hair. :) Cute Cake!! You are so creative with the cakes! I forgot Amber's b-day was on Halloween, that was nice of you to throw her such a cute party. You'll have to put the snake recipe on the blog!

Kenna said...

Your Kids looked so adorable! I can't believe how big Iris is getting:) And there is NOWAY that you just had a baby...I'm totally jaylous Beff, you look AMAZING!! All your Halloween food was so creative and looks super yummy!

Megan said...

Bethaneeeee...what a pretty mom! You inspire me with your talents! I LOVE Paula Deen...sigh...did she find away to pack a stick or two of butter into the sandwich? As I was going through her cookbook I realized why I like every recipe I make from it...butter, butter, and more butter! The picture of Romie as the bumble bee is to die for! He cracks me up! ;-)

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

You look cute in your witch costume, you could have joined in our witch lunch! You look dang good too! Man, I'm envious!

Iris is adorable. I love her cheeks and could just eat her up. Roman looks adorable as well!

Great Halloween theme birthday party. You are so creative. I love the cake, sandwich and brew. I totally buy it! Happy birthday Amber! Man, she looks great too. There must be something in the water that's making you both look so hot!

Cierra said...

What a fun halloween! You guys look like you are doing good, and your kids are so darn cute. I loved the flower costume:) Iris is a really cute name by the way, and she is adorable:) you should email me your address so i can invite you to view my blog, Take care!

jenicaheslop said...

Hey, I was a witch too!! Your kids looked so cute, presley was the same flower as iris, just different colors, love The Children's Place! You are such a great sister-in-law. Amber has it good with you around!

Karla Jacobs said...

Bethany, I found your blog and I remember you telling me about it! My mom talked to your mom and she said that you guys will be in town for Christmas. I will be there also. I will be there the 21st-27th. Hopefully we can meet up and I can hold sweet baby Iree. Roman is so cute and congrats on everything you look great. Call me at 909-440-4671 and hope to see you soon.