Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Pictures

If you're anxiously awaiting your Christmas card from the Jenks Family, then you'll just have to keep on waiting...til next year - or maybe later. Yes, it's true, I didn't do Christmas cards. I have a million excuses, but basically I didn't want to take the time to do them. That's what it all boils down to. I have, however, really enjoyed getting many of your cards. As the holiday season approached, I planned on doing them and had our family pictures taken, but alas I never followed through. So, here's some of our pictures. My friend, Shaila, took them and I think she did a great job. She's a self-taught photographer and she's really got a talent for it. She has this fancy shmancy camera that I can't even dream of operating. We took them outside in the freezing cold and she did it really fast and still had lots of cute shots. She was such a pro- thanks, Shaila! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great time in Wyoming with my parents and all six of my siblings and their spouses and kids. It was a crew! I'll post about our fun trip later. This is a picture Shayla took of Iris while we were inside chatting. I love it because Iree always has her hands in he mouth like that. And she always lifts her eyebrows like that, so it looks like she has a unabrow. Isn't she too cute?

My handsome Romie in his festive sweater.

Roman and Jason are goofing off and I'm just checkin out Jason's bulging biceps. He does have nice arms, don't you think?

If I had sent out a card, thi would have been the picture I would have sent. Iris's eyes are closed, but oh well. It was still my favorite shot. Oh...by the way, I have cut my hair since this picture was taken. Don't worry, I got rid of that stringy mess. Now I just wish I would have chopped it before we got the pics taken. I just don't look good in long hair...oh well!


The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

I almost didn't do cards this year, but at the last minute I took one of our pictures and wrote a quick letter and did it anyways.

I want to see your new haircut. I thought you looked good with long hair, and I wished I did!

I'm glad you like the quick pictures we got. You are such a cute family! I was also very impressed by Jason's arms, so I made sure I left those outtakes in there. We'll have to do them again when it warms up.

Natalee said...

Those tured out SO CUTE! I love them! I guess you could do a New Years card, like I did last year. :) I couldn't take the guilt.

I like your long hair, it looks cute on you, but your short hair was cute too. Guess you look good either way. :)

We had so much fun with you guys at home! Hope your trip home was good. Love you!

Nicole Stucki said...

Ah Beff you're so cute! Love the outfits and everything about the pictures! I'm glad everything is going good. One last question...where is the snow? Blah. We have enough here for you:)! Miss you!

Lynn Bennion said...

Oh, Boppy - you couldn't look bad in any hair style. Hope I get some copies.